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How to Learn to Play Guitar

Best way for deep learning is mastering Chords and Scales. Say, atleast 12 Basic Majors and Minors Chords and Scales(=48); if we call each as lesson (for ease) that means there are 48 leassons.

How it works: After every 4/5/6 lessons; the instructor gives you 1 or 2 songs, related to use of Chords n Scales - for better understanding. when you play songs on the basis of chords and scales, you are being technically trained to play various songs and tunes too. Thus master all basic Chords and Scales for good technical edge and preparing your ear for good understanding of music tones.

Basic one requires 72 sessions (Each of one hour) to be easy & comfortable with guitar playing. Every One hour class should be backed by 2 hours of minimum practice for great results.

Keep ur target of minimum 72 sessions/ classes. We also found that lesser the gap between 2 sessions; more one learns. It's simple, continuity helps. Thus our Crash Courses are a great hit!

Crash Courses: We repeat, lesser the gap between 2 sessions; more one learns. Thus we have schedule for daily class too. Say, all days of week.

Crash Course:    24 classes in 30 days, average daily 1 session/ class (Do it in 3 months). It is basically availing 24 sessions, with 100% flexible timing. That also allows you to take multiple sessions (@will). One can complete 24 sessions in 12 days too. say 2 sessions daily. Thus full liberty to decide, shuffle, play with the timing. Isn't it amazing.

There's more... Save big on going for Double Crash Course (one time payment), save big money.

Double Crash Course:    48 classes in 60 days, average daily 1 session/ class (save money)

Our most ambitious plan is Jumbo Crash Course:    72 classes in 30 days, average daily 1 session/ class (Do it in 3 months) This plan offers 72 classes of 2 hours, instead of 1 hour (One hour class backed by 1 hr practice in class).  Thus one could access 144 hours which is huge, thus called as Jumbo.

Small Plans for Students, busy & working people :

MP1    :    Once a week that means 4 classes in a months time, with 100% flexible time. That may take 18 months to reach the target of 72 sessions.

MP2    :    Twice a week or 8 classes in a month with 100% flexible time;  Complete 72 classes in 9months.

MP3    :    3 times a week or say 12 classes with flexible schedule or alternate day pattern, with 100% flexible time; 72 classes in 6months.

MP4    :    4 times a week; say 16 classes within 30 days with all facilities; complete 72 classes in 4 to 5 months.






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Sai Nanak Music  (Estd: 1999-2000;  ISO 9001:2008 certified)

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