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Singing / Vocal Courses:

Patterm One: Bhartiya

Hindustani Classical


1.    Sargam, Alankar (Voice Modulation Exercises)

In Hindustani music, sargam refers to singing the notes instead of the words of a composition, with use of various ornamentations.

i.  a swara group pattern in ancient Indian music.
ii. a type of exercise based on the 7 main talas and their variations

2.    Raagaas

Many Hindustani (North Indian) ragas are prescribed for the particular time of a day or a season. When performed at the suggested time, the rāga has its maximum effect. For example, many of the Malhar group of ragas, which are ascribed the magical power to bring rain, are performed during the monsoon. However, these prescriptions are not strictly followed, especially since modern concerts are generally held in the evening.

The various time zones for ragas are as follows:
Morning time
Afternoon time
Evening time
Night time
There are few ragas which are performed based on the season. e.g. Gaud Malhar and Miyan Malhar rag sung in Monsoon

3.    Songs on Raagaas.

Many songs in Indian films are based on ragas of Indian classical music.


Pattern Two :


Includes all forms of Singing. No restrictions.


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Fees Chart for Singing Classes

Fees Chart for Singing Classes

Learn 2 Sing,  Fixed Schedule, One hour Class One a week/ 4 cls Twice a week/ 8 cls 3 times a week/ 12 class All days (24 cls/30 days)
Kommercial / Karaoke (1 to 1)     2500/- 4500/- 6500/- 14000/-
Classical - Hindustani Classical (optional)        
1. Sargam /Alankar/ Voice Modulation        
2. Raagaas ( Optional)            
3. Songs                 
4. Karaoke                
Kommercial / Karaoke Group 2+ 1800/- 3300/- 4500/- 9000/-
Classical - Hindustani Classical (optional)        
1. Sargam /Alankar/ Voice Modulation   XTRA 1 CLS    
2. Raagaas ( Optional)       8+1=9 CLS    
3. Songs                 
4. Karaoke                

* Subject to addl Admission fees(one time payment)

** Schemes: Pay for 6 months, get 7th month free!

                       Pay for 10 months, get 2 months free; total 12 months!



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